Hi everyone! Some of you know me as Beven, and some of you know me as Mrs. Byrnes. Some of you have known me for over 40 years, some I’ve only met this year. Because you are visiting this site, I know you are someone I care about. And, if


Please leave me any message of support and encouragement here. I will read your messages while getting chemo treatments. Your words will give me strength. Thank you!


TOO OFTEN MISUNDERSTOOD, MISDIAGNOSED, OR JUST MISSED While I thought I had posted my last blog here back in November of last year, I was wrong. It turns out my health journey is far from over. While I am still technically cancer free at this point, the effects of cancer

Life 2.0 | Cancer Free

Hi everyone! It’s been a while. This post has been brewing in my mind for too long. I’m writing you today as I begin to feel better from my second round of preventative chemo. These are the once every six months chemo infusions I’ll continue to get for three years.

Peaks and Valleys

Hello my friends, it’s been a while since I’ve posted, and it’s been quite an adventure over here. Like a long winding road trip through country roads, my recovery journey continues through twists and turns, peaks and valleys.

The Next Chapter

Hi everyone…It’s been a while since I’ve posted as I’ve tried to reassemble some normalcy in my life…HA!  Instead of settling into normalcy – who even knows what normal is these days! – I’ve kept busy with ushering the twins through their first year of kindergarten, managing both oncology and

Surprise Squad!

This happened!


Today is a bittersweet milestone – the 1 year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis. What a year it’s been.


A quick update, because it’s worth sharing. … Yesterday I received a diagnostic mammogram on both breasts. Both were CLEAR – no cancer visible! The fear of the unknown is gone, making room for more hope, healing and heartfelt gratitude. The fight goes on, but knowing I continue to kick

Long and Winding Road

Hello my friends, my family, my loyal travel companions. It’s time for a travel log update as my journey winds on. I saw my oncologist last week and I start ovarian suppression monthly injections and daily pills today. Of course I asked to wait until September to start. His calm

Radical Reinvention

Well folks, I know it’s been a long time since I wrote a post and I appreciate your patience. I’ve been in hibernation.


As of today, 35% of my radiation radiation is complete! I had treatment #7 this morning, and so far I’m doing very well.

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