Please leave me messages of support and encouragement here. I will enjoy reading them while getting chemo treatments throughout the next 4 months…Your words will give me strength. Thank you! 


  1. Catherine Dunn says:

    Beven, We will be thinking of you all day today and throughout the next few weeks. You are strong and have continued to be an amazing support to the Bridges Community throughout this challenging year, thank you. You are an inspiration to children and parents. Sending you hugs and love and super woman healing thoughts. Love, Vivienne (Flamingos), Catherine, Brian and Julia xo

  2. sl says:

    Dear Bevan, you, Dylan and your beautiful family have been in my heart. You’re uncovering strength even you didn’t know you had! it’s so inspiring to see you moving courageously toward renewed health and vibrancy. Much love to all of you, Susan

  3. kathryn tucker says:

    Dear Beven: so sorry you have been dealt this challenge. None of us get thru this lifetime without shocking, seismic disruptions, and yet, it is always a shock when it happens. Sending you wishes for healing, recovery, resilience. May your practices be nurturing and sustaining throughout… your friend, KT

  4. says:

    We are holding you and your family close to our hearts and thoughts. Thank you for being amazing and wonderful, magical and powerful. Love, Vivienne (5th grade Flamingo), Catherine (mom), Brian (dad), and Julia (big sister) xx

  5. Ashwini Khajanchee says:

    We are with you Beven! Lots of love and best wishes! You’ll get well soon!
    – Salil and family

  6. Jordan G says:

    Beven, I have been thinking of you. Sending you lots of hugs and strength. You got this!!

  7. Sue Porter says:

    Hi, Beven – Thinking of you with lots of hugs and love and sparkles. – xoxoxo, Sue

  8. cbunten says:

    Hi Beven,
    We’ve been thinking of you, especially as you sit in that chair hooked up to the carefully curated poison. May it only take out the bad and leave everything good!!! I truly admire your strength and spirit and am here to cheer you on! We will plan to give your go fund me a gift, and double match to Bridges 😉
    Stay strong, Wonder Woman!

    PS- love the pink!

  9. Nancy Hiser says:

    I am joining your support squadron–full power! You have been so amazing to collaborate with
    on our clean air efforts and my sense is that is you in all of your roles!

    I will be here for you non-stop with healing thoughts, soup, whatever, and whenever !!!

    Hugs and love, love,

  10. Karen McKibbin says:


    You kick ass! There’s no other way to say it. You are such inspiring, amazing and determined person. This journey will show cancer that it picked the wrong person to mess with.

    We are all here for you all the time. I’m sending all my love and positive thoughts your way.
    Much love,

  11. Tamairah Boleyn says:

    Having recently met, we are new to this party Dear Bevin. Upon review, I can tell it is a big one. It is our pleasure to join in the celebration of the extraordinary inspiring warrior you are. Thank you for showing us all how growth mindset is done. We are sending you light for your path to wellness. Tam and Zane. P.S. Loved the pink.

  12. Soundharya Nagasubramanian says:

    You are truly an amazing spirit and I love your positive approach to fighting this cancer . You look amazing and we are all sending out positive thoughts in joining you in your fight . I know that you are going to win this challenge and come out stronger than before .
    Love and hugs
    Soundharya & Sumana

  13. Sonja Aliesch says:

    Thinking of your brightness and tuffness and awesomeness, Beven, and very much looking forward to you being on the shining, cancer-free side of all this!

  14. Rachel Beavers says:

    That cancer (add expletive here) is no match for your love, fire, intelligence and tenacity. And on days when you feel beat down, you always have us. Xoxoxoxo

  15. Rose Hackenbruck says:

    Beven- I have always admired your strength of character, intelligence, wit and charm. Your loving heart shines through even in difficult times and has touched all of us who know and love you. You’re an inspiration and truly beautiful inside and out! You’ve got this and we’ve got you! Love you!!
    ❤️ Rose

  16. Sonya Flores says:

    You’ve more than got this Beven! I have every confidence that you are going to come out on the other side of this even stronger and wiser. You will serve as such an inspiration for your family and community. Love you always!

  17. Alice says:

    Beautiful and resilient Beven, I am wishing you well and as much ease as possible as you go through this journey. You have helped me out of my own hard places. Shine that force of love on yourself. We are here for you and love you so much.

  18. Sara says:

    Beven, you are truly one of the strongest, most determined people I know. Since childhood I’ve known you to live with passion and joy – giving your all to what matters most to you. This is no different. Once again, you are showing up as the warrior woman you are. When you are tired or down, just remember the strong community you have built around yourself that will always be here to lift you up and hold you. You’ve got this. We’ve all got this with you! Love you, beautiful! 💕

  19. Amy says:

    My beautiful, powerful, force of a BFF, you are the very definition of bravery ❤️
    “She was powerful not because she wasn’t scared but because she went on so strongly, despite the fear.”
    – Atticus

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