I have spent much of the last several days in bed. Round 2 of chemo was pretty tough, but round 3 has really taken quite a toll on me. The fatigue is so intense it is hard to describe with words. At times just walking to the bathroom and back will leave me winded, woozy and weary. I guess this is what “accumulative fatigue” feels like. Yikes! The muscle and bone pain have also been intense and leave me unable to do much.  But I keep remembering that this too shall pass.

As I lay low and allow the chemo to do its thing, I have had plenty of time to reflect on gratitude through this most unusual Thanksgiving break. On Thanksgiving our family was blessed with the gift of a delicious and organic prepared feast – complete with my favorite, pumpkin pie – from the amazing parents of the bridges community. Along with the feast, a bounty of gifts and handmade cards from students were delivered that brought joyous tears to my eyes. 

On Friday I was honored to be invited to – and participate in – a Bridges family virtual pie event with fun word games and even better company. Seeing those irresistible smiles and visiting with both students and parents was such a heartwarming reminder of the Love filled life I am fighting so hard for. Immediately following the virtual pie event I was delighted to share some family time via zoom.  Gathering remotely from various cities and states we shared personal updates, poetry and lots of laughter. Finding ways to connect through the isolation is so important for all of us

On Saturday I was lucky to join a round of virtual trivia with a group of powerful women I have been friends with for more than 30 years. A silver lining of the Pandemic, we have become even closer this year with weekly zoom chats and even more frequent text communication. And, there’s the “Homies”. A group of incredible guys that are all close friends of mine, also for multiple decades. I can always count on this group to greet me with daily words of Love, concern for my wellbeing and witty humor. I am so grateful for the daily inspiration and encouragement I receive from all of these amazing friends; they keep my spirits bright, even on the darkest days. 

All through the holiday break I have enjoyed spending time – in person or virtually – with my Loved ones. I have received an unbelievable outpouring of Love from family, friends and even from people I have never met who are drawing their own inspiration from reading these posts. I am blessed indeed. 

I thank each and every one of you for being on my team. More to come soon.

3 Replies to “CHEMO DAY 33 (ROUND 3 DAY 6)”

  1. Monisha Bush says:

    I love you soo much Bevin!! I am sooo elated to hear how you are overcoming during these times. I am constantly praying for you and will continue to support you through love!! Please let me know if you need anything my love…. Anything!!!

  2. Sue Porter says:

    Beven – How come during your most difficult time you are busier and more connected than the rest of us??? It’s because everyone LOVES you!! Your writing is exquisite. Beautiful family pic, although I’m clueless how Daphne and Dhalia got so big, while the rest of us stay static in time (!). – Am sending you huge hugs [at the risk of interrupting your social life!!]. – Love and more love, Sue

  3. Susan Prior says:

    Beven, yes, grateful for being present and feeling all the love and support surrounding you💗 Love and hugs to you during this difficult time🌻

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