45 days | 45 years 

45 days of chemo. 45 years of life. The day after my 45th birthday chemo round 4 went in. Strangely connected mid-life milestones. I’ve always imagined I will live to be about 90, (gratefully, I still do!) and as such, thought of 45 as my true mid-life mile marker. 

I came into 2020 with that December 8th milestone heavy on my mind, determined to get, and stay healthy, for the second half of life’s journey. And that is just what I did. Got much healthier. And, while feeling better and stronger than I have in years, just 2 months from reaching that 45th year, the cancer diagnosis hit. Such a stark reminder of the mysterious ways the universe works. 

As round 4 does it’s job, I’m feeling the full weight of the cumulative side effects. And, I’m keenly aware that I would not be as capable of taking this had I not worked the rest of the year to get healthy. Yes, it’s tough, but, thanks to that divine universal plan, I am strong enough to overcome it at this time and to come back stronger than ever. I’ve got another 45 years of laughter, Love and life to fight for. 

And, as 45 days and 45 years intersect, I’ve reached another important milestone: I am now half way through chemotherapy! On December 22nd I’ll start a new chemo drug, Taxol (the T in ACT regimen), with 4 new rounds wrapping up in early February. 

Next week I’ll have an ultrasound to accurately measure reduction in tumor size in both my breast and lymph nodes. I’m eager to receive  good news and I’ll be prompt in sharing that news with you. 

And, last but not least….my feet are doing much better! Thanks for all of your messages of support and the Loving birthday wishes. I read and cherish every word. More to come soon… 

8 Replies to “CHEMO DAY 45 (ROUND 4 DAY 3)”

  1. margaretlabrecque says:

    Hang in there, Beven. The universe does work in mysterious ways but what isn’t a mystery is your resolve and dedication to your family, this community and beating C! Thanks for all that you do, even in your most personally challenging times.

  2. Blaine Palmer says:

    Sending love and strength, and holding you in my thoughts.

  3. Nancy Hiser says:

    Ah, Beven, I am so pleased to hear from you. I am especially pleased that the halfway milestone has been reached.
    You have been such a wonderful communicator to those of us here with you and for that we are grateful. What a road–not one that any of us would have chosen but you have taken it so bravely and thoughtfully. I agree 90 is a good age! And what a 90-year old you will be!!! Love,

  4. wordynerd22 says:

    So glad you are hanging in there, Beven! Thankful for the “cooling off” of your feet! Praying for you, and will continue…

  5. janicehop says:

    Thank you for sharing Bevan. I think of you with love every day.

  6. Karen says:

    Great to here. Half way is huge. Cheering you on the finish line. ❤️❤️

  7. Julie says:

    Yay for halfway!! I love the connections you draw and share with us Beven and I love picturing your fierce self at 90. Sending you love 💗

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