The Next Chapter

Remission is an Illusion

Hi everyone…It’s been a while since I’ve posted as I’ve tried to reassemble some normalcy in my life…HA! 

Instead of settling into normalcy – who even knows what normal is these days! – I’ve kept busy with ushering the twins through their first year of kindergarten, managing both oncology and car accident medical care, crisis management running a school in the third school year of a pandemic, Safe Rest Village advocacy, and the announcement of my retirement from my role as Principal and Executive Director at Bridges. You can read more about that here, including a video message from me. And if you know of a dynamic leader that might be a good fit for Bridges, please share the job profile found here.

I’m happy to report that my recent mammogram and ultrasound show the cancer has not returned! I’m not as happy to report that I continue to have pretty serious pain in my shoulder and neck from the accident, as well as a lingering blood clot where the seatbelt hit in my post-surgery breast which may require surgical removal. I will have a follow up mammogram and ultrasound to determine next steps for that in about 3 weeks. In the meantime, the next chapter in my cancer treatment is coming up quick. For the next 6-8 weeks I will be undergoing serious dental work (every week!), including at least 2 molar extractions to treat the significant bone loss I’ve experienced from the intense high dose chemotherapy infusions I received. Those who know me well, know this is not my happy place.

However, it’s necessary. I’ll be starting a new round of IV infusions soon that will prevent my body from fighting bone infection, so all of the dental work I need must be completed now so my dentist can sign off for my oncologist to begin infusions ASAP. We are already behind schedule due to car accident and COVID delays. The anti-hormone therapy in the form of a monthly shot and daily pill I take now to keep the cancer at bay has a significant impact on my bone density, and with much loss occurring already, it’s time for my next treatment. So, as soon as I’m cleared, I’ll have my first of six infusions over the next three years (one every six months) to increase my bone density while also achieving another 2% decrease in my chances of recurrence. While I won’t lose my hair this time – thankfully – I will be sick for about a week after each treatment, so I’m gearing up that. 

As I float upon this sea of constant change, two things remain unchanged; my appreciation of life and my Love for family and friends. I continue to be reminded daily how precious life is and how grateful I am to be here to enjoy it with my Loved ones.

Thank you for surfing these waves of change with me. 

With much Love, Beven 

5 Replies to “The Next Chapter”

  1. Joan Jelinek says:

    Dearest Beven: You are the bravest Superhero I know! Sending you my love and much positive energy for your next chapter! Love you, Joan

  2. Nancy Hiser says:

    Beven, Sooo good to see that you are immersed with family and friends even though you still have more on your plate dealing with medical management. argh! I sincerely hope you are finding time to laugh. Spring is coming and I hope there are signs all around you that we are transitioning to more sun, color and beauty–though you carry color with you better than anyone I know! You are loved, admired, and cheered on! Hope you feel the healing vibes we send. Love, Nancy

  3. Rosemary hands says:

    Dearest Beven, thank God for the clean mammogram and scan. Hoping for many more in your future. Thank you for your courage and continuing positive outlook. Dick and I think of you often and I keep you in healing prayer. Also Dyl and all your girls. I hope you find the perfect person to fill you shoes at Bridges and that you can rest more. We love you so much. Continue the fight.

  4. Margaret LaBrecque says:

    Thanks for enduring in the role over the last 2 tumultuous years and persevering for the next two. It requires an enormous amount of energy and I’m continually amazed by what you’ve been able to do — even before considering everything else going on! Channeling healing karma your way.

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