Chemo DAY 22 (Round 2 Day 8)


To be fair, it is true that the one cat we have left in our household – Lemi – is a cat that I brought into the relationship in the early days over 15 years ago after accidentally falling in “kitten-love”. But, also true is my very deep rooted and long standing repulsion of cat urine and… well… cat poop, to be frank. Another silver lining to Chemo…I am not allowed to go anywhere near the litter box. Stay with me, I share this for a reason. 

The last several days have been arduous. Round 2 of the chemo has taken a real toll on my body. The fatigue is out of hand, the bone pain is constant, and the hair loss is continuous, but slow as molasses. I work internally to balance letting go and allowing my self to heal, while also processing the swirling soup of emotions that accompany me on this journey. And yet, life doesn’t stop because of cancer, or chemo. 

The pressures of real life and its effect on me and the people in my life don’t stop because I have cancer. Yes, I have stepped back, but I haven’t jumped off a cliff. I’m still very much here and trying my best to balance healing, family and work. Dylan refers to this balancing act attempt as “doing too much”. And, while I acknowledge he’s accurate in saying so, I prefer to call it “doing what needs to be done”. Semantics

Anyhow, last night, after a long day of work, my body and brain ready to retire, I mustered up just enough energy to take a shower before bed. To wash the pain and exhaustion – and likely a lot of hair – down the drain for the day. I gathered a towel and pajamas and set off downstairs to shower. As I walked into the the bathroom, my nose immediately sensed that something was not right. I flipped on the light switch. Not right indeed! The before mentioned only remaining cat in our household had thrown up all over the bathroom floor and, even worse, pooped in the bathtub! How rude…A dog would never do that. 

So, I closed the door, turned right around, marched back up the stairs and informed Dylan that his caretaking duties were sadly not done for the night. Without hesitation he rose from bed to tackle the destruction left by the cat. No complaining. Just swift efficient action. Oh, my dear Dylan. He keeps showing up, day after day, hour after hour, doing any and everything needed to keep me from “doing too much”. 

So as I wrap up a Day 22 of Chemo, Day 8 of Round 2, I’m hopeful for renewed energy. What I’m certain of is I will remain filled with gratitude for Dylan and all of the people who Love and surround me with support.

Thanks again for joining me. More to come soon.

17 Replies to “Chemo DAY 22 (Round 2 Day 8)”

  1. Karen says:

    Bad kitty. Dog person here too and yet I have two semi feral kitties in my house that I am fostering (5&6 for this year). I have litter boxes everywhere (I do not like a litter box either). This too shall pass – chemo and litter boxes. 🤣. Love reading your updates.

  2. Kim Pfefer says:

    You are amazing and continue to be an inspiration. And although appearance is probably the last thing you’re concerned with, you are pulling this off looking stunning!❤️❤️ ❤️ Stay strong.

  3. Nancy Hiser says:

    Dear dear Beven, I would have expected you are engaged with work because I know how good that must feel to you to do that. I hope also you can do as much rest, relaxation, and self-nurturing as is in your power. You have communicated clearly just how arduous it is . . . you are in my thoughts. Love, Nancy

  4. Rose says:

    So supporting your journey; feeingl your angst on many levels. Of course wishing to rush in and save the day, but alas, alack, Texas far away! Sending love, harmony, and joy your way – you and Dylan share this journey so well. Many blessings……..

  5. Daniel says:

    Thinking of you Beven, & sending energy your way.

  6. Jess says:

    Big love to you and Dylan both ❤️

  7. Susan says:

    Dylan is the absolute best! Big virtual hugs to both of you💗

  8. Marlon says:

    I would expect nothing less from a cat and it’s ability for purrfectly timed stunts. I am so glad you have Dylan there to save the day. Hang in there my friend and thanks for the updates.

  9. Alayna says:

    You and Dylan are a power couple and keep showing up with displays of how it’s done ❤️ … and seriously cat, could you not poop anywhere else??!!

    Thank you for sharing your Journey and letting us come along with you. You are so loved!

  10. wordynerd22 says:

    Oh, cats!!! They are such wonderful companions, except for times like that! : / So thankful for Dylan and his unconditional love that extends to feline waste disposal! Thank you for keeping us posted. I know this is an especially grueling time, and I am praying!!! ❤ LL

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