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Hopefully, most of you will never see behind the scenes of a chemo treatment. So I thought I would give you a peak behind the curtains.

The chemo I’m getting this morning has a 50/50 rate of allergic reaction. These reactions can range from tightness in chest/difficulty breathing, to chest pains, red flushed skin in face to intense sudden onset of pain in low back. So, I started pre-chemo meds last night to help avoid any such reactions. I took 5 steroid pills last night, then 5 this morning along with two Pepcid pills and one Zyrtec. This seemed to do the trick last time, so I’m hopeful for a smooth ride today.

Upon arriving to the chemo cafe I was given a window chair, yay! Soon after getting settled the nurse prepped and then plugged into my chest port to get things started. After flushing out the port (it’s still working great!) two nurses verify my identity, date of birth and ensure we have the correct chemo on board before getting started.

Because of the potential allergic reactions to the chemo meds, there is a slow process of increasing the dosage every 15 minutes while monitoring for reactions. If no reactions occur, once we reach what the chemo nurses call “cruising speed”, the chemo will go in over three more hours, taking about four and a half hours all together with no reactions. If I was to have a reaction, they would treat me with appreciate anti-reaction meds, wait 30 minutes, then start again at slowest speed I tolerated before reaction. In that case, it would take five to six hours all together.

Chemo in a Bag

The chemo does not make me sick instantly. Instead, the side effect creep in slowly in the hours and days after each round. If round 5 was any indication, I anticipate being pretty sick by Thursday afternoon. Sick with this chemo means severe muscle aches, intense bone pain and inescapable nerve pain in back, hips, shoulders hands and feet. Headaches, hot flashes, and incredible fatigue. The worst of this pain will likely last 6-7 days, then I will start to crawl out of the pain, one day at a time as I prepare for round 7 in two weeks.

Pink Power – Toe to Head

I’m in awe of the human body as I navigate chemo treatments. Each time I think I’ve reached my limit and can’t take it any more, the recovery begins, slow but steady, and my mindset shifts back to “I’ve got this”. And even as the dread for the pain that will inevitably come my way in coming days, I’m filled with gratitude. I’m grateful to live in a time where effective treatment is an option, grateful for my privilege to be able to access the care I need, grateful for the generous support I’ve received to afford this care, and I am grateful for this body of mine that, like the Energizer bunny, just keeps on ticking.

And, I’m grateful for each of you who join me on this wild rollercoaster of a journey, your Love and support give me the strength I need to keep fighting – to keep winning! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. More to come soon… 💗

9 Replies to “CHEMO DAY 69 (ROUND 6 DAY 1)”

  1. Kim Pfefer says:

    Thank you for that, Beven. I knew it was incredibly tough but your description really hits home how terribly grueling this fight is. It just shows how you and others like you, are so special in the amazing way you have continued to be positive and strong. XoXo. Kim P

  2. Amy Provost says:

    We love you! Keep fighting-you’ve got this!!

  3. Joan jelinek says:

    Ever the teacher/nurturer! Your bravery and openness make you a role model for all to watch. You’re really something, Beven. Love you and sending you positive energy! ❤️❤️❤️💐💐💐🍀🍀🍀

  4. cbunten says:

    Sending healing love and light. I know this is incredibly tough. If there are other ways we can help- food drop off, weeding the garden, raking leaves, whatever, let me know!

  5. Karen says:

    You are AMAZING, so strong mentally. I know we do what we have to when we have to, but wow!, what a journey. FYI -Your head is adorable almost perfect like you had a makeup artist do it for a movie. You’re stunning in all ways. Thanks for the peak ❤️

  6. janicehop says:

    XXOO Janice Hop…….

  7. Nancy Hiser says:

    Dear Beven, Day 69, wow. This sounds like it’s been pretty tough lately I am here with you in thought and will welcome the “I am feeling better” whenever it can come and it will. I certainly appreciate the sense of gratitude you feel at being able to get the treatment you are getting, even at this price. . . . my best . . .Nancy

  8. Sue Porter says:

    Oh, Beven, you are an incredible roll model. Your fortitude, your spirit and your determination are all to be admired. Wish I could take away your pain. You make me appreciate my day. Am sending you enormous healing thoughts, huge hugs and much love. – xoxoxo, Sue Porter

  9. Virginia M Hackenbruck says:

    Thanks for sharing. Love to you and your family. Ginny

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