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Eye of the Tiger: An appropriate theme song for radiation on a Friday morning!

As of today, 35% of my radiation is complete! I had treatment #7 this morning and so far I’m doing very well. My skin is starting to turn light pink and get sensitive in the radiation field, but nothing too bad yet. I have a bit of fatigue setting in but it’s offset by the amazing buzz of energy I have from being alive! Each day is a victory – and oh how sweet victory is!

While I expect things to start getting more difficult by the end of next week, I’m ready.

I thought I’d share some behind the scenes photos as hopefully most of you will never see what radiation looks like.

This is the radiation machine. It rotates around my body and delivers targeted radiation as I fill my lungs with air and hold my breath allowing my heart and lungs to be out of the radiation field as much as possible.

This is an awesome view of my insides showing where a small part of my heart and lung will inevitably be in the radiation field.

Thank you for your continued support as I slowly approach the next low. I’m grateful it won’t be as low as the lows I’ve experienced already, and with all of you by my side, I know I’ve got this too!

Until next time! 💗

8 Replies to “Radiation”

  1. Nancy Hiser says:

    Beven, You are as amazing and wonderful as medical science is!!! Who would have thought to post the images you have??? The image of your body is astounding. I am delighted that it hasn’t been as bad as you expected so far.
    I am here for you with love and positive thoughts. My virtual arms are hugging you. Nancy

  2. LouBee says:

    Sending you Lots of Love from LouBee. You are so amazing and your positivity shines so bright🥰
    Much Love to you and the Family.

  3. Liz Lair Lorinda Marie says:

    Our thoughts are with you! Lorinda and Liz

  4. Carol Ham says:

    God bless you, Beven! You are a brave warrior. I love your moms so much, and knowing them tells me what a strong young woman you! There are so many people here that are pulling for you and sending you and your family love and strength and comfort. Sending also so many hugs! You are brave and wonderful and we all love you!!! Carol Ham, Ilwaco, Wa.

  5. Lauren says:

    Sending you love. You are a true warrior.

  6. Karen says:

    Amazing update…..you are beautiful on the inside and out!

  7. wordynerd22 says:

    Beven, thank you for this update! As always, I appreciate your transparency (literally, this time!). I also appreciate how you share what goes on behind the scenes during cancer treatment so I can picture what cancer patients are going through, which also helps me know how specifically to pray for them. I love your pink wig and attire, and my family and I love YOU!

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