Long and Winding Road

Hello my friends, my family, my loyal travel companions. It’s time for a travel log update as my journey winds on.

I saw my oncologist last week and I start ovarian suppression monthly injections and daily pills today. Of course I asked to wait until September to start. His calm but quick response was, “it’s always your choice but you’re already 2 weeks passed the the recommended timeline and your cancer is aggressive. My medical advice is to start ASAP. ” So I got the first available injection apt for this morning. This phase of treatment will last 5-10 years. 🤪

I also saw my foot doctor last week to go over MRI results. It was not a break. It is a torn ligament. He said we could do surgery ASAP or later in fall. But, he knows what I have been through and is a very understanding doctor. So, we compromised on seeing him again in mid September after returning to school and being on my feet more than lately for a stress test, new MRI and to see how I’m healing. We will decide then If surgery is warranted. It is getting better, so I’m hopeful!

Today I was out of the house well before the girls awoke for the first time in quite a while. I’m reminded of the days of waking up at 4 am to prepare for work travel to Denver, or the excitement of catching an early flight to Hawaii for much needed R&R. Today my early journey takes me to get the next round of cancer treatment. A slightly different ride, but much like a vacation can save life, this to is a necessary journey.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the destination of this morning’s journey does not prevent me from enjoying the beauty of the early morning glow. It’s a different world. I feel like I move through it differently. The energy is different, the light is different, the faces are different. A reminder that stepping outside of my normal routine can uncover beauty that before was unseen.

The summer days are dwindling and in the coming weeks I will resume work at school, in-person amidst the pandemic surge. The twins will start kindergarten, under the same terrifying circumstances. It feels so counter-intuitive after a year of hibernation with diligent protection of my immune-compromised self and too young to be vaccinated children.

What a crazy time. I’ll write more from the frontlines as the journey continues. As always, I’m so grateful to have you along for the ride.

Take care and be safe out there. You are Loved. 💗

5 Replies to “Long and Winding Road”

  1. Apple says:

    Hello old friend- I’m holding you and your family so close to my heart. You’ve got this! ♥️Apple

  2. Steve Hopcraft says:

    We love you Beven – Take care on your dangerous journey back to “society”

  3. Sue Porter says:

    My dear Beven – You are so incredibly brave and positive. I am learning from you. You make our world a better place. Do take it easy on your return back to work. – Am sending you many “healing sparkles” through your treatment, entwined with hugs and love. – xoxoxo, Sue

  4. Rosemary says:

    Sending you love, lots of love.

  5. Doug Kenney says:

    Hugs Beven

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