Chemo Day 7

Turning Strength into Weakness?
(A Beginners Guide to Chemotherapy)

*Warning to reader: this post is NOT election related.*

Life can feel like a game of opposites at times. This occurred to me today as I was researching just how this chemotherapy works to kill cancer cells. I found this awesome (and crafty!) video clearly explaining…and the bottom line is that chemo drugs take cancer cells’ rapid multiplying strength and turn it into their weakness.

I assure you it is 3:50 minutes worthy of your time – if your interested. If not, here is my attempt at a brief civilian synopsis.

In short, chemotherapy drugs turn cancer cells strength into its weakness. The chemo attacks all of the cells in my body simultaneously, but cells that multiply faster are more aggressively targeted as the chemo attacks only newly divided cells. So, the slow-dividing cells die slower, and conversely, fast-dividing cells die faster. Cancer’s cell-multiplying super power becomes its demise. Fascinating!

Often in growth mindset work we are focused on turning weaknesses into strengths. It strikes me that while this is technically the opposite intention, it is actually quite inline with growth mindset principles.

In particular, it compliments this growth mindset principle almost poetically…

View challenges as opportunities: This is one of the most powerful growth mindset principles there is. Imagine how our world would be if we all consciously replaced the word “mistake” with the word “opportunity.”

In games like D&D or MTG, one must be stealth at turning opponents’ strengths into weaknesses in order to win. I’m confident many of my Bridges students are already adept at this and recognized this connection to growth mindset well before I did. Bridges’ students never cease to amaze me.

Nor does the human body. I’m now on Day 7 of chemo. Today is a rougher day than yesterday – I think the steroids kicked in yesterday. I’m achey, exhausted and a bit dizzy. But, I’m happy, and I feel very loved and supported…thanks for being there and reading here. I’ve got this!

P.S. I have received so many lovely gifts and heartfelt cards. Thank you all so much! I keep the cards in my Wonder Woman planner to read during chemo treatments. 💕 I recently received a gorgeous gift box with a lava bead diffuser necklace and other comfy treats. I’d love to thank you properly, but there is only a first name, Amy, of which I have many in my life. If it was you, please let me know so I can tell you how much I appreciate the gift! Thank you. 💕

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  1. Ken Wikler says:

    Hi Beven,
    I was shocked to read your email regarding your diagnosis. Since reading it, I have followed your chemo updates. I am so sorry you have to go through this. The way you have chosen to approach your challenge is truly you. Beven, your beautiful karma is certainly your ally as you fight through this challenge. I love you❤️🙏🏻

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